sábado, 6 de junho de 2015

Oh My friends !!!

OH MY FRIENDS !!! PRIYA NARMA SAKHAS shall not enter or hear the unique and intimate esoteric matters of MADHURYA RASA !!!

Therefore all Srila Prabhupada's followers who want to pursue Madhurya Rasa must approach a Guru in Madhurya Rasa ... or maybe (for sure) Srila Prabhupada has a simultaneous Svarupa in Madhurya Rasa .........

"Vrajanatha: prabhu, I am a follower of sri subala. I know that you will consider my eligibility to hear about madhurya rasa and instruct me appropriately.

Gosvami: The priya narma sakhas are permitted to participate in the lilas of madhurya rasa, also known as srngara rasa, to an extremely restricted degree. I will keep your qualification in mind and speak whatever is appropriate for you - not more, and I will say nothing unsuitable." 

(Srila Bhaktivinoda JD 30)

And in THE END of the SAME chapter:

"Vijaya pondered deeply, sri guru gosvami has given us siksa about madhurya-rasa, but it was just a very brief summary. Let vrajanatha remain submerged in sakhya-rasa. At an appropriate time I will come alone to sri guru gosvami and hear his elaborate appreciation of madhurya-rasa."

And THEREFORE sadhakas who aspire to be priya narma sakhas shall not enter or hear the unique and intimate esoteric matters of madhurya rasa because priya-narma-sakhas are permitted to participate in the lilas of madhurya rasa, also known as srngara-rasa, to an extremely restricted degree.

And for REAL, guru goswami explained madhurya rasa only for vijaya and not to vrajanatha.

Some more interesting points:

"In govinda lilamrta (7.116-117) the priya narma sakhas are clearly said to be angikrta, "accepted" by the asta-sakhis. Nor does rupa goswami place the sakhas, ordinary ones or priya narma sakhas, above the sakhis. priya narma sakhas, although closer to sakhi bhava than the other sakhas, are nonetheless placed in the same chapter of bhakti rasamrta sindhu (3.3) as the ordinary sakhas, two chapters before the sakhis (3.5, in ascending order, which means the sakhis are two classes higher than the sakhas)...

...Since the kama gayatri is given to every gaudiya vaisnava, this too indicates that madhurya rasa is meant for all its members. Even a priya narma sakha could chant it, since he is sakhi bhavam samasrita (rupa gosvami on subal sakha), but what about ordinary gopas and elderly gopis etc.?" 

(Advaita Dasa)

Ulises Guerrero brilliantly answered: 

"So it seems that priya-narma-sakhās are quite different even from the manjaris, because the manjaris although not accepting Kṛṣṇa's advances, they still have conjugal feelings. The cowherd boys are not even agitated, although completely aware of the conjugal affairs."

Having said that, I have no problem accepting that Prabhupada is a priya narma sakha.

And I must honestly say that in the lineage of the Parivaras there is no such confusion as to who the Guru is.

And plus, if you will practice raganuga sadhana bhakti from a very early stage that may be even in bhajana kriya, HOW you will not know what is the identity of your guru?