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Purusottama Month (Adhika Mas)

Purusottama Month (Adhika Mas)

2015: 17 th June to 16 th July

Introduction to Purusottama Month:

Purusottama month or adhikamasa (extra month) is also called mala masa, which means the dirty or useless month.

In India, the sadhus, sadhakas and pious people of all sampradayas undertake serious penances (vratas) during Purusottama Month.

Now let us examine the name, history, benefits and method of practice of this age old “King of All Vratas” or month long penances.

Why is it called Mala Masa? (dirty or useless month)

This is because all forms of karmic activities i.e. karma-kanda (reward seeking) pujas and yajnaswill not produce any results this month.

Therefore it is a useless month. GaudiyaVaisnavas say the dirt or filth indicated by the word mala refers to the fact that devotional activities performed in this month quickly and easily destroy the mental dirt, filth and contamination caused by sins, ignorance and aparadhas.

Thus for Krishna bhaktas this is the most purifying and beneficial month.

Why is it called Adhika Mas? (extra month)

It is called adhika (extra) masa because Sri Krishna has placed not only extra but ALL HIS potencies, mercy and blessings in this month, which supercharges this month beyond all others.

Thus a sadhakawill receiveextra or more results from any religious actionsperformed.
What makes this Month so great?

The Puranas say that Purusottama Month is the favorite month of Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna personally created this month and named it after Himself. Purusottama Month, which only comes once every 36 months, is the most powerful spiritual reward giving month among all the months.

It is far superior to the pious months of Magha, Vaisakha and Karttika. On the earth planet and all over the universe the Purusottama Month is honored and worshiped by devotees, sages, gods and Laksmi Devi Herself.

Benefits of Purusottama Month Vrata

Different months of the year have different ista-devatas, worshipable Personalities. But for Adhika Month, Radha-Krishna Yugala are the ista-devatas.

If one sincerely worships Radha and Krishna in Purusottama month, he will attain whatever he wants.

Observing the Purusottamavrata burns up the reactions of all one’s bad karma and gives the direct service of Radha and Krishna.

Purusottama month is the best month to make spiritual advancement because Krishna overlooks all aparadhas.

Residence in the holy dhama in this month yields 1000 times the benefit of living elsewhere!!!

We invite all the fortunate to quickly book a room in Radha Kunda or Vrindavana to worship Radha-Krishna Yugala in the prema giving holy abode of Sri Vrindavana Dhama.

Come and join the thousands of pilgrims doing dandavat parikrama of Giri-Govardhana this month!!!

Giriraj Dharanki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!”

Sripada Mahanidhi Madangopal Dasa Babaji Maharaja