quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015


"By hearing Krsna-lila repeatedly one starts to actually get attracted to them. This is due to their unlimitedly nectarean nature.

In this way we completely lose interest in material sense objects and our mundane activities become completely unattractive and even extremely distasteful. 

All the while, material lust diminishes and one starts to hanker after remembering these supremely sweet activities more and more. If Krsna-lila is not heard everyday, I think progress in spiritual life will be very slow.

Going through the motions simply waiting for advancement to come on its own accord under the pretext of "mercy" is not good enough.

Mercy is an absolute necessity for spiritual advancement, but the fact is that the most important type of mercy is achieved via ones serious endeavor to apply the knowledge we recieve descending through the parampara.

This human birth is the crest jewel of opporunities to make advancement in spiritual life.

Wow the one book "Prarthana" is the giver of all bliss. Just reading for one hour, one can achieve happiness beyond the best enjoyment within this universe! What to speak of on this earthly planet!

Why is everyone searching for nectar elsewhere? If we can not find happiness by reading such devotional literatures, I think we should understand we are committing many offenses.

If one is free from offending vaishnava's the path to Krsna-prema is wide open. Let us all pray that we can attain that position very soon!

If spiritual bliss does not arise, then material desires will." 

(Babhru Dasa)