sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

50 a 75 % limpo… “Ah, mas só depois de estar puro Prabhu !!!”

Não é somente depois de estar completamente puro que começa Raganuga Sadhana:

Here are several excerpts from SP's lectures where he discusses the stage of nistha and its qualifications regarding anartha-nivritti:

"If all the unwanted things are vanquished, then you'll have firm faith. Bhaktir bhavati naiṣṭhikī. Nityaṁ bhāgavata-sevayā, naṣṭa-prāyeṣu abhadreṣu... Naṣṭa [SB 1.2.18]. Not that I am completely free from all sinful activities, but prāyeṣu, say, fifty percent, sixty percent is gone. At that time, naṣṭa-prāyeṣu abhadreṣu... How it has come to take place? Nityam bhāgavata-sevayā."

"So nasta-prayesv abhadresu nityam bhagavata-sevaya [SB 1.2.18]. Not all cleansed, but praya, say, seventy-five percent cleansed. At that time, you become fixed-up in devotional service, naisthiki. There are different stages of devotional service. That I have explained several times. First of all, sraddha, sadhu-sanga, bhajana-kriya, anartha-nivrttih syat."

"When anartha-nivrttih syat, all unwanted things are finished, at that time, nistha, firm faith. So bhagavaty uttama-sloke bhaktir bhavati naisthiki. So, so long there are dirty things, our faith and devotion in Krsna is not very fixed up, sometimes we deviate, we go away. But then nasta-prayesu, when seventy-five percent of the dirty things are cleansed, then our faith in God becomes fixed up. Bhagavaty uttama-sloke."

There is a chart based on VCT's discussion of anartha-nivritti in his Madhurya-kadambini. There are 4 main categories of anarthas and 5 progressive stages of eradication, which take place throughout the final stages of progress on the path of bhakti.